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Please comment to be added, 'kay?

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*mee mee mee* =)

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Don't forget about meeeeeee!!!!!

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yes please

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Please add. Always here for you, dear. *hugs*


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hug please add me :)

friend ?

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this posted to the wrong lj sorry

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me too please :)

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Saw a comment you made on someone else's post and thought by your answer that we would get a long... pick me? lol

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Hi. Added.

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was nice to meetcha at, i thought i'd add ya!

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Hello! Added, my dear. 'Twas nice to meet you, as well!


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I saw you on the add a pagan community and would like to read more! So, I have added you. Hope this is okay x


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It's the one with the hair. And -the- nickname. That begins with 's'.

A banal comment so I can be added

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You seem to be on my friends list, but I'm not on yours. Pout.


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can I be added?

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Hello, I keep seeing you in comments of a friend we share and your user page was curious to me. I don't see many people active on here anymore but it has been nice to see your comments in her journal often. I wasn't sure if you are accepting any new friends on here? My journal is friends only also, but I could add you in case you want to look around. Each month I make my posts private though since it gives me a bit more peace of mind due to my past on here and people being very hurtful. I did it a bit earlier this month so there are less months to see. There is a about me sticky post at the top though and I think enough posts to show a bit of who I am.

Sorry to write so much. If I don't hear back, no problem at all and I wish you all the best.

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