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fionaniconnor: (Makeup.)

Because I will not jump with Common Spirits...

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Created on 2017-04-06 10:56:06 (#2888852), last updated 2017-08-26 (3 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:New Hampshire

Interests (94):

90's alt rock, a cappella, asatru, barbershop, baritone horn, bdsm, being pierced, being tall, bisexuality, boating, bodices, bondage, books, celtic music, classical, comedy, cook books, cooking., corset dramas, corsetry, corsets, country, cuddling, dog time, dogs, dressage, embroidering, ethereal, faire, fishing, folk music, gardening books, gbs, goth, great big sea, heavy metal, high heels, historical fiction, historical mythology, history, horses, hugs, humming, industrial, italy, kayaking, kids in the hall, kissing, l.o.s.t., leather, lite sci-fi., long hair, manning the hostel, medieval, middle ages, mistress of song, music outdoors, myths, norse metal, opera, paganism, percherons, piercings, pleasure, poetry, ravens, reading, renaissance, renaissance faires, riding, road trips, rogues, romance, saturn vue, sewing, shakespeare, singing, singing soprano, soprano, stilettos, stitchwitchery, stuff that blows up, super-long hair, swimming, tattoos, the thesaurus, travel, trombone, tuba, tudor choral, vue, wandering around boston, wenches, woods
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