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fionaniconnor ([personal profile] fionaniconnor) wrote2010-03-08 07:51 am


Hi, kids.

So most of you know about Keith's comic,, correct?
Awesome. Now, for those of you who don't, go! Give it a peek. It's a pretty nifty webcomic.

Keith's been doing LOST for about four years; I've been reading almost as long and I never find myself bored with his storylines or ever-evolving art style. He's fun to watch, his stories are poignant, funny, touching, important, and a good window into his complicated but wildly fun life.
He features tales from his own  life, most recently from when he was a kid and in the past, from recent times. Hell, once he even once used his comic to tell a girl he liked her, in the neatest way possible (she was impressed enough to date him for two and a half years, so you know).

The long and short of it, kids, is that LOST is fun to read, dynamic, interesting, and the artist KO's girls with boffers.